Dietary Guidelines for Pregnant Wome1

Dietary Guidelines for Pregnant Women

Do you want to conceive a child but struggling to make that happen?
In this post I am going to share some dietary guidelines with you that able you to enhance fertility. With the help of diet, minerals and
vitamins you can improve your health as well as the health of your baby.When conceiving a baby it is very important for woman to give special attention to her diet and lifestyle as well. Diet and lifestyle both
directly affects towards the immune system of the body. Bad diet foods and bad habit can weaken the immune system of the body and disturb the overall hormone balance in the body.

If immune system is weak it is very difficult to conceive a baby.

There are lots of medicines available in the market that claiming for the treatment of infertility problems but all these medicines are useless if you don’t provide adequate minerals and vitamins to your body. Without right amount of minerals and vitamins, it becomes really
difficult for an immune system to conceive a baby.

Dietary Guidelines for Pregnant Wome1

Dietary Guidelines for Pregnant Women:

Pregnant women often say “I am eating for two” and for this reason they pile up their plates with lots of unhealthy food. In fact, pregnant women have to start eating more even before getting pregnant but it is important for every woman to put right healthy foods in their plate. Simply adding extra calories will not treat infertility issues. It is healthy food that will treat healthy food that will treat infertility issues and able woman to give birth to healthy baby.

Sadly, our society is covered with cheap and least nutritious foods that only increase fat in the body. The concept of natural foods is very odd these days and it becomes really difficult to find enough natural foods. Processed foods are the main culprit for misbalancing hormones inside the body. That’s why it is very important for every pregnant woman to stop consuming processed foods.

Include Vegetables:

Fresh vegetables are very important for increasing fertility. You can receive enough amount of nutrition from vegetables alone. It is important to avoid vegetables such as Potatoes because framers start using modern chemicals for their growth which kill all the
healthy benefit.

Consider consuming vegetables such as Consider consuming vegetables such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts and Broccoli because all these vegetables contain Diindolylmethane (DIM) that increases metabolism of Estradiol.

Eat Plenty of Fatty Acids:

For all those pregnant women (and those that are trying to get pregnant) should keep in their mind Fatty Acids are very important for their healthy baby. Every cell that is present inside the body needs linoleic Acid and Alpha-Linoleic acid that comes from fish, dark green vegetables, soy, eggs and fish oil.

Dietary Guidelines for Pregnant Wome1

When consuming fish for fatty acid it is important to avoid fish such as shark, tuna and flake These three fish often contain high amount of mercury in their body. The more fish they eat, the more mercury they get in their body. So it is better to avoid consuming fishes that eat other fishes as their food.

Framers often used cheap feed to grow fish in their farms that makes fish to remain infected throughout their life. It is better to consume wild fish and avoid consuming fish at restaurants as they often use farm-raised fishes.

Eat Grass-Fed Meat Only:

Food items that are labeled ‘healthy’ by food companies are no where healthy for women body. These so-called ‘healthy’ foods contain chemicals, preservatives and artificial sweeteners that creates hormone imbalance in woman’s body and create infertility. Same goes to meat as well.

When shopping for meat makes sure you purchase grass-fed beef. Modern framers start using cheap quality grain to feed their cattle to grow them quickly. Grain is not the natural food for living being. It creates digestive problem in animals as well. It is better to avoid grain-fed meat and only prefer organic and grass-fed meat.

Eat Fruit:

Refined sugar creates lots of problem in the body but the natural sugar that comes from fruits are much healthy than refined sugar and contain important minerals and vitamins.

During and before pregnancy it is important to stay away from high-energy and low-energy fruits such as pineapple, melons and mangoes. Instead of these high and low energy fruits you can consume neutral energy fruits such as raspberries, apples and grapes.

Skip Cacbonhydrates:

Our so called ‘ modern’ diet with the foods that are rich in carbohydrates such as pasta, white bread and white rice. Grains or Carbohydrates are not our enemies but, the
main problem is that the foods that are available easily and cheaply contain refined grain that extracts all the healthy benefits of
grain and carbohydrates.

It is often observe that consuming more refined grain creates the deficiency of zinc and folic acid in the body. Both these mineral are
important for men and women as well because deficiency in zinc creates low sperm count and in women deficiency of folic acid creates infertility issues.

Skip Dairy Products:

In these days, Food companies start injecting high level of hormones to force cow to produce
more milk. Cheap quality feed is also one of the techniques to make cow grow bigger quickly.
The milk of these cows create hormone misbalance in the body and causes infertility. It is
better to avoid dairy products because same cow milk is used in production of cheese, butter
Skip Unnecessary Medications:

It is important for all women to stop taking unnecessary medications. Unless it is very important, avoid all medications because medicines can damage one or two organs of body during pregnancy.

We are becoming addict of these medicines and start taking for every small thing that we encounter. Previous researches proved that extra dose of antidepressant medicines reduce the chance of fertility.


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If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant then the above dietary guidelines with help you to give birth to healthy baby