5 Tips to Take Care of Pregnant Women in the First 3 Months

The first 3 months of pregnancy is considered a “terrible” period for many women, especially first-time mothers. Just find ways to overcome unpleasant symptoms during pregnancy while learning how to take care of yourself and your baby. We tell mom how to care for pregnant women for the first 3 months so that the most effective offline!

Take care of pregnant women in the first 3 months: Do not let doctors “climb trees”

The first 3 months of pregnancy are the most potential stage during the 9 “heavy” months of the mother. In particular, this is the period when the fetus begins to form and develop senses and organs in the body. If not fully tested, the fetus may have dangerous birth defects. Besides, conducting full visits is also an opportunity for mothers to know more about their health condition to provide the best care.

Besides, pregnant women should also equip themselves with the skills to recognize danger signs during pregnancy. If you have bleeding or you feel a slight pain, spasms in the lower abdomen, you should ask your doctor to check if these symptoms are normal. 30% of pregnant women have bleeding in the first 3 months but not all are dangerous. Your doctor may conduct an ultrasound and perform several tests before giving a reasonable treatment.

Care for pregnant women in the first 3 months: Improve morning sickness

Morning sickness is one of the most unpleasant things a pregnant woman faces in the early months of pregnancy. There is not even a mother to eat because of morning sickness. There is no cure for morning sickness, but with the following methods, pregnant women can limit the discomfort they bring:

Sipping some junk food such as cookies, raisins as soon as you wake up. If possible, pregnant women should lie down for 20-30 minutes before getting out of bed and starting a new day.

Divide the meals of the day, instead of 3 meals, pregnant women can eat 5, 6 small meals. In particular, mothers should “prime” available snacks in the bag room when cravings “visit” unexpectedly.

Make friends with foods like ginger, orange peel, radish …

Take care of pregnant women in the first 3 months: Protect mother’s sleep

The hormonal changes during pregnancy and anxiety can make pregnant women find it difficult to sleep during the first 3 months. Besides, morning sickness is also one of the factors affecting the sleep of pregnant women during this period. To avoid insomnia during pregnancy, you should avoid fried, greasy fried foods before bed. Instead, a glass of hot milk will help pregnant mothers have a better night’s sleep.

Limit drinking too much water in the evening. This will increase the frequency of your toilet visits and will disrupt your sleep.

Sleeping position during pregnancy also partially affects the quality of pregnancy. According to experts, the sleeping position on the left side and placing a soft pillow in the middle will help pregnant women feel more comfortable. In particular, lying on your left side during pregnancy is also a good posture for fetal development.

In case of prolonged insomnia, seriously affecting health, pregnant women should see a doctor for advice and early treatment. Do not buy sleeping pills or sedatives yourself, some can endanger your baby’s health.

Take care of pregnant women in the first 3 months: Cherish the skin

With the first wave of hormones during pregnancy, your face may be “invaded” by ugly acne spots. In this case, the mother should not squeeze or touch her face because the bacteria on her hands can make the condition worse. Mothers should use a face wash with natural extracts, clean the skin 2 times a day. Add more foods good for the skin like fruits rich in vitamins A, C …

This is also the time to pay attention to stretch marks during pregnancy. 90% of pregnant women experience this condition, and when stretch marks appear, there is little you can do to effectively “get rid” of them. MarryBaby gives tips to prevent stretch marks: Control weight, avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy, supplement foods rich in vitamin C, use lotion or coconut oil to increase moisture and elasticity for skin.

Take care of pregnant women in the first 3 months: Start gentle exercises

Not only the first 3 months but during the 9 months of pregnancy, pregnant women should maintain a continuous exercise regime to improve health and limit the complications that may occur during pregnancy. According to the study, pregnant women who regularly exercise during pregnancy will pass the field easier and faster than the “lazy” mothers who exercise.

Light walking is ideal for pregnant women during this period. Walking will not make you too tired and may be suitable for most health conditions of the pregnant mother. You should also talk to a specialist for reasonable advice.