Supplements For Infertility Treatment

Supplements For Infertility Treatment4

Hello everyone, I am Rosa and today in this post I am going to share important vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you need for infertility treatment. You can get these minerals, vitamins and nutrients with the help of food or supplement.

The main objective of this post is to highlight important minerals, nutrients and minerals that help in treating the root cause of infertility and able you to give birth to healthy child.

Ok let’s get started…

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA):

The most common cause of infertility is hormone imbalance in the body due to insufficient level of Prostaglandins. For all those women that don’t know Prostaglandins are the chemicals in the body that helps in regulating hormones and human cells. The more body produce hormone (especially in masturbation) the more Prostaglandins is required to stabilize and regulate these hormones.

This process is natural and it works regularly but the problem starts getting bigger when body slows down the production of Prostaglandins. There are many causes for it but, the poor lifestyle and bad habits are chief culprit.

Now the good news for you is that, you can increase the production of Prostaglandins in your body with the help of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA).

There are numerous benefits of these EFAs. The major benefit of EFA is to support nervous system and immune system and also the production of Prostaglandins chemicals in the body.

Supplements For Infertility Treatment3

There are some foods that are rich in EFAs such as Flax Oil, fishes (especially Salmon and Tuna), soybeans, sunflower seeds, safflower oils and nuts. These foods are rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega-9 Essential Fatty Acids that your body needs daily to increase the production of Prostaglandins chemicals.

Always remember your body doesn’t need anything in bulk. That’s why you have to consume EFAs foods to balance these three fatty acids equally to increase the production of critical prostaglandins.

If we look at our western diet (or healthy diet) you will find they contain lots of foods that are rich in Omega-6 and Omega-9 that’s why you have to include Omega-3 foods in your diet. You can get Omega-3 from foods such as fish oil, flax oil and walnuts. It is recommended by doctors to consume twice much Omega-3 as compare to Omega-6 and Omega-9 combined.

If you don’t want to change your diet or don’t have access to EFAs foods then now these days you can find lots of EFAs supplements that will able your body to get all EFAs that will produce prostaglandins and stabilize hormones in the body.

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC):

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is an antioxidant that works as a mucolytic and increases the level of glutathione by improving the function of lungs and supports the immune system. NAC also helps in improving insulin resistance and fertility.

In the recent study of NAC that is done on 6 lean and 31 obese women with PCOS it is found that NAC reduced the level of testosterone levels and provide a significant positive impact on insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity.

You will find NAC supplements in many online supplement stores but purchase supplement that contains at least 600mg. The 100 tablets bottle can cost you less than $20 in Amazon store.

Vitamins A & B:Supplements For Infertility Treatment2

Vitamins A & B both are important vitamins for improving fertility.

Vitamin A helps the women body to produce the proper amount of cervical mucus and in male body it protects sperm from damaging free radicals. It is proved that deficiency in Vitamin A can create low sperm count and volume and increases abnormal sperm. It is recommended for male and female to get at least 10000 IU of Beta Carotone. Some best foods that contain Vitamin A are: Spinach, eggs, carrots, sweet potatoes, milk and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin B is the best for women that want to improve their fertility and also improve her overall health and immune system. Some good Vitamin B foods are: meats, fish, eggs, whole grain, beans and legumes.


D-Pinitol is the compound that is found in specific foods and it helps in improving and maintaining women’s health. There are many doctors that recommend D-Pinitol supplement with some dietary modification to women that want to treat their infertility. With the combination of healthy lifestyle and D-Pinitol supplements many women found improvement in their overall health and insulin sensitivity.

In the recent study 1,200 mg D-Pinitol supplement is given to 30 obese women with PCOS for eight weeks. After these eight weeks all these women get dramatic improvement in their insulin resistance and had 55% reduction in testosterone levels.

It is recommended to use these supplement with day meal.

Cinnulin PF:Supplements For Infertility Treatment1

Cinnulin PF is the supplement that contains cinnamon extract. In the recent study on 20 women with POCS and other fertility issues it is found that cinnamon extract drastically reduce the insulin resistance.

Cinnulin PF is very effective supplement because it contains cinnamon extract and an innovation water-based. It is proven supplement that help lots of women to improve healthy blood sugar metabolism, cholesterol management and contain other antioxidant properties.

Vitamin C & E:

Vitamin C is the very important antioxidant that helps in male fertility, reduce stress and also boost up the healing process. Some foods that are rich in Vitamin C are lemons, oranges, broccoli, kiwi and strawberries. It is recommended to get at least 1000 mg per day. Another great way to provide Vitamin C is by squeezing lemon and diluting it with water. It will cleanse your body from impurities and toxics.

Vitamin E is the another powerful antioxidant that help with infertility issues in both male and female, repair damage skin cells and enhance thymus function. Vitamin E is commonly found in Avocados, sweet potatoes, cabbage, whole wheat flour oatmeal and raw honey.


Lisa Olso listed down many other supplements in Lisa’s Pregnancy Miracle that you can use to improve your fertility. In the end I like to say if your body is missing in certain minerals and vitamins then it will great affect your hormone levels. That’s why by using these supplements you can improve your fertility, your spouse’s and increase the chances of having a baby.